Multiple Products


Multiple Products

Smooth surface and accurate thickness combined with the durability of the material make our products favorable for many special end users. We offer a wide range of products which never fail to meet international standards. Our veneers are easy to install and simple to maintain. Bring sophistication and warmth to your living spaces with our exotic, unique, and high-grade wood veneers.

Different veneers can be used for different applications. They can be used in a commercial environment which includes interior designing of buildings such as hotels, office lobbies, reception areas, board rooms, and elevators. Decorative wood veneers are beautifully aesthetic yet complex components of the woodwork. They are quite versatile in terms of application, no matter which domestic or industrial application they are used in, the end result is always stunning.

You can use veneers to upgrade your furniture, and intricate wall panels, embellish your ceilings, build cabinets, etc. Multiple products for multiple needs! Only at MRS.